NUNC Institute

*Programs to be Announced Soon

An anomaly institute that designs  “Alternate-Reality Experiences” into Modular Learning Programs, for the anomalies.

Education doesn’t need to be formal. Nor does it need to be about Excellence, or being an expert at time cost. In today’s rapid and fluctuational change, our curiosity-appetite and the ever-quest for new knowledge competes with our fleeting hearts.
The society too, takes no mercy to remind you how dispensable or obsolete you can be.  

NUNC takes the stride of designing modular programs that contradicts to the one-size-fits-all education, eradicating all the "i don't have time" excuses one too often like to give themselves.

End of the day, you are only as interesting as you want to be.

NUNC’s modular learning program is completely catered to individual’s needs. Akin Lego Blocks, one can be knowledge-satiated with a ad-hoc workshop, or can build a rocket of know-hows with our full monty that stretches across breath of topics and down the depth of mastery - all dependent on one's appetite to know. We design immersive carthartic programs for companies, commissioned learning modules for other Institutions, using our in-house developed methodoly - Alternate-Reality Experiences that responds to the precarious nature of the world we survive in.


    Course Title : "What do Machines Dream of?"

    Modules >
    VR / AR
    Philosophy of Reality 
    Cognitive Science of Social Behaviour
    Future of Nature
    AI Arts
  • On POWER
    Course Title : “Basement 9”

    Modules >
    Power Injustice & Inequality
    World building
    Design Fiction, exploring “The Lucifer Effect”
    Ethical Algorithm / Data Politics
    Digital Morality
    Performative Storytelling “The Status Game”