What is this all about?

‍This is an online archive of NUNC projects, a virtual space where our Society members gain news and interact with our designed experiences.

What does NUNC mean?

NUNC, meaning "NOW" in Latin, infers the very nature of our work and belief in life - current, fleeting, impermanent and in constant experimentation.

What does NUNC do?

Design Alternate Reality Experiences and modular learning programs, conceptualize, produce narratives for immersive & performative events, organize & facilitate explorative global excursions. We are made up of a curated global network of curious creatures.

What is your Philosophy?

We are dangerously curious, highly investigative into the undersides of alternate cultures in Arts, Tech, Science and Humanities. We are not here to provide answers, we are here to question everything through experiential experimentations.

How large can a Black Hole grow?

Black Holes are our favourite. The most recent hypothetical predicts the existence of Stupendously Large Black Holes. They could, in theory, grow to about 10 billion billion times the mass of the sun. Let's go there for a holiday.

Who is behind all this?

The initial spark came from two founders; Pebbles Lin and Casper Grey. Today, we have secret members spanning over five continents and nearly all fields of creative tech endeavours. Fundamentally, anyone with a pursuit for 'better-human' narrative & innovations.

What does it take for me to join NUNC Society?

We're not looking for excellence. We are on perennial pursuit for relevance. Inquisitive and investigative humans whom don't settle for 'the obvious truth' come right under our alley. The moment you question, "Is this it? Am I made for more?" - you are at the right place with us. Don't fight it. March with us.

How can I join NUNC Society?

This is an Invite-only Society. Extended only by trusted connection - Existing members can curate and invite their friends into the Society.

Why is NUNC Society an Invite-Only Space?

Being an "Elitist" community is not our intention. "Curative" is the heart of what we do, even with the humans we invite into the circle. Simply put - We value human presence & raw honesty. Determined to filter out bystanders and passive watchers that seek temporal sense of belonging and validation. Instead, we look for risk-taking, knowledge-thirsty and brave adventurers alike. Henceforth, building this closed-community and *Unsafe-Space is the liberation of our work. Definitely NOT for the faint-hearted.

Is this for me?

That is for you to answer. We play music for ears that listen. If you hear the tune, you are invited to join the dance.

So, do you care at all whether I join?

No. If you don't hear the music, you shall not dance with us :).

How much does it cost to be a part of NUNC Society?

Joining NUNC Society is free. Once registered with a NUNC ID., you may access exclusive content and certain experiences in the brew. As a BELIEVER, you can gain full access to our designed experiences, private immersive events, free subscriptions to NUNC Zine, priority seats in learning modules at NUNC Institute, complimentary night stays at our exclusive global NUNC HideOuts, and so much more.

What will I see in the Journal?

Here, we collate articles, stories and all kinds of interesting pieces of work created by the Society. Selected articles are open for everyone, while everything else is only available to those registered with a NUNC ID.

What is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

42, of course.

What is the next project I can take part in?

Visit the Calendar to see our upcoming experiences.

Are you open for collaborations?

Let's talk. You can always drop us a line at