NUNC - Society of Now.

We design alternate-reality experiences, modular learning programs, conceptualize and produce immersive events that bridge between physical and virtual space, and organize explorative excursions to excavate insightful knowledge that often concludes with cathartic reflection.

NUNC HQ, based in Stockholm, Sweden - while our programs are global/ nomadic in nature.

NUNC is on constant-testing of current situation towards a more desired alternative to mainstream ideals.

Finding the anchor points between realities, NUNC summons curious-creatures to embark with investigatory mindset and arrive with contemplative introspection.

We interrelate individual intentions into a shared calling, evoke healthy disagreements and cross-pollinate forgotten dreams.

Life is no longer just about purpose.
It is about Intentions. 


Two wilful founders, refusing to accept 'life as it is', decided to take a small-but-bold stride to re-imagine our intentions to push through life, determined to reinvent the way we perceive the world, to proliferate new ways to see, to all those who chase the same light.

Perhaps a naive pursuit, NUNC hopes to turn the wheel of perpetual deliberation into meaningful action.

End of the day, we are all made of combustible atoms.

Pebbles Lin

Program Director

Half-Alien, Digital Arts Curator and Tech-Educator, an impetuous Time-Traveller. Her background cross-pollinates between transmedia storytelling to design fiction and immersive experiences. She observes, curates and meld collaborators with pertinent projects, has fervent interest in mining emerging technologies for societal change in urban-cultural environments, and loves to impel responses on how people react and interact with them.

She exists.

Casper Grey

Production Director

All-round Curator, Creative Producer, Educator, Performer, and Vehement Be-It-All. Having worked across a multitude of cultural and art festivals internationally, he chose to sculpt his own path, connecting the broad variety of professional interest, all within the Universe of NUNC.
Never satiated, yet mostly content with the way curiosity and challenge directs his work.
He is an Improv-storyteller with a knack for absurdity and embracing the darker things in life.

He exists, maybe.


Marcus Tirkel

Society Keeper

One foot and half-ear in the world of business, the other foot in the world of Alternatives. Marcus has worked in business development in the cultural sector. Now re-purposing his work and life to work with Facilitation and Community Building.

Co-founder of an underground-gatherings collective in Stockholm since 2014.
As Society Keeper for NUNC, It is his undying passion to foster meaningful human connections, and to facilitate new societal standards for a thriving future.

Paulina Greta

Zine Editor

Berlin-based artist, creative director and lecturer, focused on immersive and virtual narratives, with an interactive approach to the use of technology in storytelling.

Her practice spans installation, performance, film direction, augmented and virtual reality. She is a lecturer at Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology.

As the Editor of NUNC Zine, Paulina curates the most lustrous minds and works of Now, reflecting the contemporary practice within Arts, Tech, Humanities and Science.


Andrew Hefler
Performative Arts

Founder of Grund Theatre and actor at the National Theatre of Hungary, who has performed in more than one-hundred episodes of television, over 60 commercials, more than 20 films and sold the rights of 3 TV series. Chief trainer and training designer, providing skillbuilding for over 100 companies and thousands of people in communication, improv and acting, including media professionals and politicians in 15 countries, as well as NGOs and charitable organisation. Frequent collaborator with ad agencies (Ogilvy/Geometry/BBD). He has also taught courses at Bauhaus University, Hungarian University for Performing Arts (SzFE) and Central European U.

Marian Kaiser
Media Theory

Writer, Media Theorist, Curator, Concept & Project Developer, based between Berlin and Kinshasa. Marian collaborates with artists and designers developing transformative, immersive experiences for audiences worldwide. He has published broadly in the field of film and media theory and has been a lecturer and researcher at universities in Berlin, Dresden, Yogyakarta and Giessen. Together with Hannah Hurtzig and the Mobile Academy Berlin, he is currently developing a performative installation and exhibition for the House of World Cultures (HKW) in Berlin on object biographies and the destruction of European museum archives.

Pepe Borrás
Humane Tech

Digital Media Expert, Creative Strategist and Founder.
Pepe focuses on issues involving technology and human rights. In 2015 he co-founded the Internet Freedom Festival, funded by the U.S. Department of State, Ford Foundation, Mozilla, Twitter, Facebook and Google. In 2013, he launched Listen to Help, a pioneer Cannes Lions-selected advertising campaign that turned Spotify into a fundraising platform. Since 2014, he’s been providing pro bono services to nonprofits supporting underrepresented groups, and he serves as a board member of the leading Washington, D.C. nonprofit Open Tech Fund.

Elena Mozgovaya
Instruction Design

Instructional designer interested in education and learning, especially in the field of design.

With background in management and urbanism, she used to work on urban crowdsourcing projects in Hamburg, speculative design programs at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, and education programs in Europe and Asia. Currently she is leading a team of instructional designers at Skillbox - an EdTech based in Moscow.

Tom Laurenzo
Data Politics

Artist, engineer, academic, and designer. Associate Professor of Critical Media Practices, University of Colorado.

With a background in both computer science and art, his research includes artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, physical computing, and extended reality. Previously, Tomas worked as an Associate Professor at University of  the Republic (Uruguay) and as Assistant Professor at the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the PEDECIBA Program. He is a published author in New Media Art and HCI. His artistic production involves installations, music, live cinema, and digital lutherie.

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Next Nature

Hendrik-Jan Grievink is a designer at Next Nature Network since 2007.

He is an expert in translating philosophy into clear-cut objects and experiences. Since 2007, Hendrik-Jan has been responsible for what he calls ‘R&D&D’; the research, development and design of much of the content and visual output of the network.

He initiated the Reprodutopia project, a research into the impact of artificial reproductive technologies (such as artificial wombs) on intimacy, relationships and and the family of the future.

Hugh Davies
Games and Play

Hugh Davies is an artist, curator and researcher of games and play.

His practice explores histories of media devices and cultures of games in the Asia Pacific Region.

Awarded a PhD in Art, Design and Architecture from Monash University in 2014, Hugh’s studies in game cultures have been supported with fellowships from Tokyo Art and Space, M+ Museum of Visual Culture and the Hong Kong Design Trust. Hugh is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

Nadine Bruder

Award-winning strategist, executive advisor, systems thinker with a “tech, business, design & science mindset”. 13+ years of international experience in business strategy, technology innovation, sustainability, ESG/SDG, investing and strategic partnerships. Advisor to senior managers of internationally operating organizations. Industry advisor to investment companies. Advisory Board Member at technology startups. Founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT,  and She For Social Impact Awards. Member of the Federal German Association for Artificial Intelligence.

Stefano D'Alessio
New Media Art

Artist, performer, composer, educator and all-round tech nerd. His research is in developing interactive environments, addressing digitisation of the human in new technologies and the virtual representations of the “real”.

Stefano is also a prolific musician, composing and producing electronic and electro-acoustic music. He regularly exhibits and performs in international music and new-media art festivals. Since 2010 he has been lecturing, coaching and giving workshops around the globe.

... You?


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NUNC re-purposes and re-imagines ways to live, work and die.

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